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Sponsorship of a person and endorsement

In the Slovenian sports-marketing and sports-law practice, it is widely believed that any kind of appearance of an athlete or a celebrity in marketing communication of a company stands for a sponsorship of a person. This is entirely possible, but considering the nature of the transaction, in most cases so called endorsement dominates. The endorsement [...]

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Maze Vs. Ski Association Of Slovenia – The (R)Evolution Of Sports Marketing

Who will draw the short straw in the dispute between Tina Maze and the Ski Association of Slovenia? The problems are much bigger than just being a sports and legal matter, even though the situation is quite clear from the latter point of view, and the arguments speak in favour of Tina. I certainly don't [...]

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The Ignorance

The Latin saying »Ignorantia iuris nocet« or »Not knowing the law is harmful« is interpreted as: unknowing the law is harmful and therefore, in breach of the judicial rules, it is simply impossible to refer to not having knowledge of the laws. However, this time ignorance is not understood in a sense of not having [...]

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The Power Of Example

Since forever. Latin saying claims that words have an impact, but examples have the power. The biggest example for children are their older siblings and their parents. The examples for teenagers can be detected on posters that adorn their rooms, and later our example are usually successful people. We learn from our examples, compare ourselves [...]

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